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Value of Membership


Practicing family medicine can be overwhelming without support from like-minded peers, especially in the first few years after residency. Watch this video with your fellow residents and see how the value of membership in the AAFP—the only professional society dedicated to family medicine, is beneficial to you.


To apply for:

Florida Residency Programs

If you are looking for the skills and resources to help you excel in the field of family medicine, the FAFP and Florida’s Family Medicine Residency Programs will provide you with the growth, experience, and opportunities to begin your career as a family physician. Florida is the premier destination for family medicine.  Not only are Florida’s Family Medicine Residency Programs some of the best in the country; Florida provides the optimal environment in which to live and work. As the home of nationally renowned sports teams, theme parks, beaches and weather, completing your residency in Florida is a true prescription for paradise. Additionally, by being an FAFP member, you will not only have increased opportunities to learn and network with physicians from across the state, you will also have access to numerous online resources and tools that will prepare you for a future in family medicine. If you are a student interested in doing your residency in Florida or are currently a resident in Florida, becoming a member of the FAFP will open doors to your future in family medicine.

2021-2022 Resident Directors

Resident President

Tisha Van Pelt, MD

Melbourne, FL


Resident Vice-President

Giselle Falconi, MD

Royal Palm Beach, FL


Resident Secretary-Treasurer

Kelsey Williams, MD

Jacksonville, FL

2021-2022 Student Directors

Florida Atlantic University (FAU)

Ms. Riyana Lalani


Florida International University COM

Ms. Ana Zaldivar


Florida State University COM

​Mrs. Ashley Absolu MS


University of South Florida COM

Ms. Grace Laila Benmhend

University of Miami COM

Ms. Samantha Keefer (Grutzner)


University of Florida COM

Ms. Celeste Rousseau


University of Central Florida COM

Mr. Matthew Caldwell


Lake Erie College of Medicine

Ms. Marisa Sauer

Mr. David Phrathep


Are You Paying it Forward?


The FAFP Foundation recently started the Paying it Forward program to help Florida Family Medical Residency programs send more residents to FAFP meetings in hopes of making a lasting connection.  Whether you graduated from a Florida program or not, all FAFP members are highly encouraged to donate to the Paying it Forward campaign in the spirit of keeping our residents here in the Sunshine State.  Best part?  It's a tax-deductible donation that can be given by CLICKING HERE.


Tar Wars

Tar Wars is a tobacco-free education program for fourth and fifth grade students to help fight against tobacco use.  This program helps educate and provides awareness of harmful effects of tobacco with the intention of preventing a future smoker.  Presentation material with activities have been designed by the American Academy of Family Physicians and this information may be found clicking here.


If you would like to help prevent tobacco use in your area, please contact your FAFP at (904) 726-0944. 


Click here for free resources to support a healthy tobacco-free community.