CME Requirements



A family physician’s effectiveness is dependent upon sound, up-to-date, continuing medical education (CME). That is why the AAFP/FAFP requires all members to complete a minimum of 150 hours of approved continuing education with 12 of the CME hours being from a live FAFP meeting.  FAFP meetings can be located by clicking here.  CME hours obtained at an FAFP meeting, not only go towards the FL Chapter requirement (of 12 CME hours), but also the Live AAFP requirement (of 25 CME hours) and Prescribed AAFP hours (of 75 CME hours). The 150 CME requirement is for every three years.



Find out about AAFP courses, self-study, online CME, CME accreditation and to search a database of online AAFP accredited courses. The FAFP, in conjunction with the FAFP Foundation and the American Academy of Family Physicians, present online CME through the AAFP Web site. CME provides courses on topics ranging from allergies to cardiovascular disease.

Members can take online CME courses from universities around the country to experience a variety of perspectives on family medicine. Courses are also available on practice management, radiology, sports medicine and a diverse selection of other topics.



Pain Management Physicians


If you are a physician practicing in a Pain Management Clinic and were registered based on the 6th qualification option in Rule 64B8-9.0131, F.A.C., please keep in mind that as a part of your 40 hours of Continuing Medical Education (CME) required per biennium, you must complete 15 hours of live lecture format, Category I CME in pain management for every year you practice in pain management.  These will need to be reported to CE Broker along with the rest of your CME credits in order for the Board to renew your license.  Answers to many questions regarding license renewal can be found at the Board of Medicine's website at .



License Review through CE Broker


The Department of Health will now review your continuing education records in the electronic tracking system, CE Broker, at the time of renewal. It will happen automatically when you renew your license, but it is important that you understand how this change will affect the way you renew your license in the future.


  • FAFP will report the CME credits that you earn at FAFP meetings directly to CE Broker so you don't have to (as of May 2012); and

  • FAFP is working directly with AAFP to report your AAFP earned CME directly to CE Broker (on a quarterly basis), so you don't have too.

**Please note that only AAFP/FAFP produced CME will be uploaded into your CE Broker account, by FAFP, as provided by your AAFP CME transcript. Should you have additional CME, not produced by AAFP/FAFP, you will need to upload this information directly into CE Broker through the free basic CE Broker account. Please also note that some entities may already be reporting CME on your behalf, so please check your CE Broker account prior to uploading.

For more information, please visit to create a FREE Basic account under CE Broker and to review the CME previously reported on your behalf, please click here.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Jennifer Young at


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