CME Requirements

Continuing Medical Education (CME) is critical in allowing family physicians to learn and acquire viable skills to improve on patient care delivery, as well as in supporting lifelong learning that help physicians effectively manage a career in the ever-changing landscape of the health industry.


AAFP/FAFP active and supporting members are required to accrue at least 150 credits within each three-year reporting period, with 12 of the CME hours obtained at an FAFP meeting. CME hours obtained at an FAFP meeting (live in-person or virtual), not only go towards the FL Chapter requirement (of 12 CME hours), but also towards the Prescribed AAFP credits (of 75 CME hours).


CME Reporting of AAFP/FAFP Earned CME

The Florida Boards of Medicine and Osteopathic Medicine contracted with CE Broker to be the clearinghouse physicians utilize to electronically report CME hours so that auditing records would be automated.


CME credits earned by members from FAFP-produced CME activity are reported to AAFP and CE Broker within 30 days after the CME event, provided that the required activity evaluation is successfully completed and submitted. Only AAFP and FAFP produced CME are uploaded to CE Broker.


Access to CE Broker

Members are encouraged to login to to view CME uploaded by AAFP/FAFP on member’s behalf.  If you do not have a CEBroker account, you may signup today by taking advantage of CEBroker's Basic Service, FREE of charge.  Additional concierge services may be purchased annually for either $29 or $99 respectively.


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