CME Requirements



A family physician’s effectiveness is dependent upon sound, up-to-date, continuing medical education (CME). That is why the AAFP/FAFP requires all members to complete a minimum of 150 hours of approved continuing education with 12 of the CME hours being from a live FAFP meeting.  FAFP meetings can be located by clicking here.  CME hours obtained at an FAFP meeting, not only go towards the FL Chapter requirement (of 12 CME hours), but also the Live AAFP requirement (of 25 CME hours) and Prescribed AAFP hours (of 75 CME hours). The 150 CME requirement is for every three years.



Find out about AAFP courses, self-study, online CME, CME accreditation and to search a database of online AAFP accredited courses. The FAFP, in conjunction with the FAFP Foundation and the American Academy of Family Physicians, present online CME through the AAFP Web site. CME provides courses on topics ranging from allergies to cardiovascular disease.

Members can take online CME courses from universities around the country to experience a variety of perspectives on family medicine. Courses are also available on practice management, radiology, sports medicine and a diverse selection of other topics.



FAFP has made reporting your AAFP/FAFP earned CME to CE Broker



The Florida Boards of Medicine and Osteopathic medicine mandate MD/DO physicians to obtain 40 hours of continuing medical education (CME) every two years as a requirement of licensure. Nearly a decade ago, the boards contracted with CE Broker to be the clearinghouse physicians utilize to electronically report CME hours so that auditing records would be automated.   In 2012, the FAFP identified the administrative hassle and potential expense associated with FAFP/AAFP members reporting hours to both CE Broker and the AAFP and negotiated an agreement to upload members’ FAFP and AAFP CME hours automatically.  Since this time, all CME earned by members via the FAFP and AAFP has been uploaded to CE Broker on a quarterly basis and just prior to re-licensure in January annually. 

Effective December 3, 2019, the reporting collaboration will get even stronger in that all CME earned through FAFP and AAFP will be uploaded four times a day, essentially real time, to the CE Broker database.  This invaluable service has saved members countless hours of reporting the 150 hours required for AAFP membership and FAFP’s FL prescribed 12 hours during the same timeframe.  In essence, it has negated the need for members to purchase CME reporting services directly through CE Broker. 

To reiterate, only AAFP and FAFP produced CME will be uploaded to CE Broker.  However, efforts continue to develop a mechanism whereby a members’ entire CME record can be transmitted.  The FAFP encourages members to login to to view CME uploaded on your behalf.  If you do not have a CEBroker account, you may signup today by taking advantage of CEBroker's Basic Service, FREE of charge.  Additional concierge services may be purchased annually for either $29 or $99 respectively, but, once again, it is hoped that the AAFP-FAFP collaboration will prevent the need for such services.    


Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Jennifer Young, Director of Membership and Practice Enhancement at





COVID-19: Changes to CME Requirements

The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) has made the following changes related to CME requirements, effective immediately, for members whose CME re-election cycle ends on Dec. 31, 2020. CLICK HERE for details.