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Zika Resources

Department of Health

  • Emergency action plan

  • Tracking

  1. Zika website

  2. Zika Virus Hotline (answer questions about Zika) 855-622-6735


Ebola Resources

Your FAFP recommends the following resources to best prepare you in daily practice with your patients. It is critical that organized medicine collaborate on effective and coordinated responses to ensure the health and safety of the public:


  • AAFP: Detect, protect ,and respond: Preventing the Further Spread of Ebola.

  • FMA: Released an official statement supporting the efforts of Governor Scott and Florida Surgeon General Dr. John Armstrong to address the threat of Ebola in Florida via the FL Department of Health website.

  • CDC: Information for Healthcare Workers and Settings.


Hurricane Preparedness and Response

Prepare Your Community for Hurricane Season. June 1 annually marks the beginning of Hurricane Season. Is your community prepared? The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has added new resources to its Web page Tools and Resources to Help Communities Prepare for Hurricane Season to help communities prepare for and respond to hurricane events and other natural

disasters. For more information, click here.  For information on more public health emergency preparedness tools and resources from AHRQ, visit

Disaster Distress Helpline

The Disaster Distress Helpline, funded by a Department of Health and Human Services Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) grant, was launched to respond to calls from individuals, families and communities in need of emotional assistance. Building on the infrastructure of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, a network of 147 crisis centers from across the country, the Disaster Distress Helpline’s leading team of mental health crisis and technology experts, in collaboration with its local crisis center network members, provides support to those affected by disasters.

The Helpline routes callers to a regional crisis call center, where trained staff answer calls and texts and provide assistance to those in need. The Distress Helpline (1-800-985-5990) provides crisis counseling, support and information & referral services to individuals and their families who are struggling to recover from any natural or man-made disaster, incident of mass violence, or any event that can cause significant psychological distress. The Helpline, available 24/7, year-round, assists other service providers with localized outreach efforts in states and localities before, during and after significant or major disasters. You can also text the Helpline by texting TalkWithUs to 66746; Spanish speakers can text ‘Hablanos’. It is also available though Facebook and Twitter. To learn more about this resource, click here.


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