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Putting Values into Practice

Established in 1988, the FAFP Foundation (FAFP.F) is the charitable arm of the Florida Academy of Family Physicians (FAFP). Its primary mission is to improve the healthcare of all Floridians by funding education, research, and community outreach programs for medical students, residents, and family physicians.


Since its inception, the Foundation has conducted valuable research projects, funded programs to educate and attract medical students to family medicine, and administered continuing medical education programs to increase the knowledge and skills of physicians and increased patient and public awareness about the importance of family medicine.


The Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Committee is managed through the FAFP.F and is responsible for planning and managing all of the FAFP's educational efforts.  The FAFP staff is contracted by the Foundation to provide administration and educational support.

FAFP Foundation: Contact Information
The FAFP Foundation wants to hear your feedback and answer your questions.

Florida Academy of Family Physicians Foundation
13241 Bartram Park Boulevard, Ste 1321

Jacksonville, FL 32258
Phone 800-223-3237
Local 904-726-0944
Fax 904-726-0923

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