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Florida Family Physician


FAFP has a number of reference documents on a wide variety of topics available. Please scroll through the list to find your area of interest. Feel free to suggest new topics as well by contacting Deborah Walker, Managing Editor, at

Summer Journal.jpg
Winter 2021 Journal.jpg
Winter 2021 Edition

Annual Meeting & Awards


Fall 2021.jpg
Fall 2021 Edition

Infectious Diseases


Summer Journal.jpg
Summer 2021 Edition

Vaping/Tobacco Use


Spring 2021.jpg
Spring 2021 Edition

Women's Health


Winter 2020.jpg
Winter 2020 Edition

Honoring All FAFP Members


Fall 2020 Cover.jpg
Fall 2020 Edition

Leadership in Medicine


Summer 2020 Journal.jpg
Summer 2020 Edition

Technology in Medicine


Spring Journal.jpg
Spring 2020 Edition

Direct Primary Care


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