2020 Poster Presentations





2020 Poster Winners

1st Place Physician

Julia Fashner, MD  

1st Place Resident

Alisha Dessavre, MD, MPH             

2nd Place Resident

Simone Lescott, MD     

3rd Place Resident

Brittney Benjamin, MD    

1st Place Student

Andrew Bomar    

2nd Place Student

Ali Wells    

3rd Place Student

Elan Baskir


A Call for Abstracts is being issued for presentation at the Family Medicine Spring Forum 2021.  The research must be of interest and educational value to the specialty of family medicine and conducted by (1) a Florida family medicine resident (2) a Florida medical student or (3) an active FAFP physician member.  Membership in FAFP is a prerequisite for submission by all authors listed. Registration to the FAFP Family Medicine Spring Forum 2021 is also required in order to submit your abstract/poster.  Registration can be located by clicking here.  Please note that ONE free meeting registration will be given to only the primary author of posters submitted by students and residents, and accepted for presentation.


Deadlines for Abstracts and 50 word descriptions:  January 15, 2021


Notification to members if Abstract was accepted:  February 15, 2021


Deadline for Posters: April 16, 2020


Submit to: Florida Academy of Family Physicians

                Attn: Deborah Walker, Director of Communications and Marketing

                Email: dwalker@fafp.org


Application can be located by clicking here.


Clinical or educational scholarly activity completed in the past 2-3 years that is relevant to family medicine and has been conducted or performed by a FAFP family medicine resident, medical student or an FAFP physician member may qualify for submission to this program. We define “student” and “resident” as the status of the investigator when most of the work was done.   Membership in FAFP is a prerequisite for submission. 


Decisions will be based upon the following criteria:


  • Scholarly work valuable to family medicine

  • Scientific merit of the project



  • Completed Research

  • Research in Progress

  • Quality Improvement/Patient Safety Project

  • Case Report


No application will be accepted if it is determined that the purpose, findings, and/or conclusions are promotional in nature. If financial support has been provided for the preparation of the poster, please indicate on the disclosure form. Failure to disclose financial support will result in the application being disqualified. The FAFP, as well as the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME), requires all presenters to sign a disclosure statement indicating whether or not financial support was provided.


Volunteer physician members of the FAFP Research Workgroup will review poster applications. Of those indicating a desire for an oral presentation, four abstracts will be selected for a podium presentation.


The following guidelines must be followed when submitting an application for the April poster presentation.


  • A typed, written abstract of your project must accompany the application form.  It should include the following information:


(Check only one per submission form)

  • Categories:                            Quality Improvement       Research         Case Report         Research in Progress


  • Primary Author Status:     Active Physician                 Resident          Student


1.  Maximum two page description of project (12 point font) excluding references

2.  Background, Hypothesis, Design, Subjects, Setting

3.  Methods (include statistical analysis, measurement techniques, confounding factors)

4.  Outcome measures

5.  Discussion (include summary, study limitations, relevance of project to family medicine  & conclusions)

6.  Results

7.  Conclusions

8.  References


Incomplete applications will not be accepted. All submissions must be emailed to Deborah Walker by January 15, 2021.


  • The completed application must be submitted to: Florida Academy of Family Physicians, at  dwalker@fafp.org.  Since the review committee will base its decision on the information supplied on the application form, abstract and 50 word description, it will be to your advantage to supply as much information as possible.


  • The primary and secondary presenters must be the authors of the work on which the exhibit is based or the persons responsible for the content, arrangement, and presentation on the data in the poster.  All authors listed on the poster application form are required to have contributed significantly to the project design, analysis and presentation and submit a conflict of interest statement (letter "F" of application form) disclosing any financial support provided by proprietary entities.


  • Based on the submitted abstracts, three authors will be selected to give podium presentations


Only generic names of drugs and other products may be used in poster presentation. Company logos may not be used in any part of the poster.


A credit line indicating any financial support must be included as a footnote not exceeding one-quarter inch in height at the bottom of the poster. This line must read “Financial support for this poster was provided in part by (supporting company).” Commercial product names are not permitted in the poster title.


The name of the sponsoring institution(ie school or hospital) are appropriate and should be included


The primary and/or secondary presenter(s) must be the authors of the work on which the poster is based or the persons responsible for the content, arrangement and presentation on the data in the poster


Dimensions of poster will be limited’ to 3’ (vertical) x 6’ (horizontal) or 1.0m x 2.43. The FAFP provides, free of charge, a bulletin/tack board, one chair, tacks, and one identification sign. Authors are responsible for costs of producing, shipping, and making the poster available on site. If you would like to bring copies of your abstract that will also be the responsibility of the author.


Click here for Design Tips


Provide a 50-word description of your poster, as it should appear in the FAFP official program. The description should be brief, factual, and not a commercial.  Any description longer than 50 words will be edited at the discretion of the Academy.  It is the responsibility of the author(s) to provide this brief description. Academy staff will not follow up to secure it. Only the title of the exhibit will appear in the program if the description is not provided.  If the description is illegible, it will be omitted from the program. Please attach a separate page and submit by the designated deadline of January 15, 2021.



Posters should be set up on Friday morning, April 16, 2021, before 12:00 pm. Posters will be on display on Friday from time of setup until Saturday afternoon at 2:00 pm.  FAFP is not liable for posters left after this time.


Your research/case/scholarly exhibit will be set up in a high traffic area where continental breakfasts and refreshment breaks will be scheduled. This will give you an opportunity to discuss your research/case/ scholarly activity with family physicians attending this meeting. Authors of posters selected are expected to participate at scheduled times during the Family Medicine Spring Forum 2021.



If your abstract is selected, you will display your poster presentation at the Family Medicine Spring Forum at the Hilton Bonnet Creek - Orlando, FL.  Displays will be on Friday morning, April 16, 2021 through Saturday afternoon, April 17, 2021. The top projects will receive prizes as noted below:


Podium presentation First Place Award                    

Remaining podium presenters                                       


Practicing Physician First Place                                      


Resident First Place                                                           

Resident Second Place                                                       

Residents Third Place                                          


Student First Place                                                 

Student Second Place                                       

Student Third Place                                    

$250 Scholarship     Ribbon & Certificate

$100 Scholarship     Ribbon & Certificate

$100 Scholarship     Ribbon & Certificate

$100 Scholarship     Ribbon & Certificate

$75 Scholarship       Ribbon & Certificate

$50 Scholarship       Ribbon & Certificate

$100 Scholarship    Ribbon & Certificate

$75 Scholarship      Ribbon & Certificate

$50 Scholarship      Ribbon & Certificate


The material presented in the poster must be up-to-date and presented in an ethical manner. Comparisons of efficacy, contraindications, modes of administration, etc., between competitive products shall be fully presented. Editorial conclusions should be made with ethical restraint. If the poster deals with a pharmaceutical product, medical device, or any product that is sold on the open market, the content of the poster must not be promotional. Any poster material deemed to be promotional must be masked over or changed before the opening of the meeting.  Failure to comply with these rules, or evidence of product of service promotion during the meeting, will result in immediate removal of the poster and exclusion of the author(s) from future FAFP poster presentations.


It is agreed that presenters shall indemnify and hold harmless the FAFP from all liability, which may ensue from any cause whatsoever.


By submission of your application for poster presentations at the FAFP Family Medicine Spring Forum 2020, you understand the terms as outlined in the application packet and you agree to abide by these terms.  Your application and booth assignment are subject to acceptance of the FAFP.

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