Changes Coming -
July 1, 2022

As reported in the spring, the FAFP was pleased to announce several legislative victories that will go into effect next Friday, July 1, 2022:


Telehealth/Controlled Substance Prescribing

Florida law will now allow physicians to issue a prescription renewal for a Schedule III, IV or V controlled substance through telehealth, within the scope of their practice. While this is a significant step forward, the effort is not complete as payment parity and expanding the definition to formally include audio only will continue to be pursued. Remember, it is critical that your medical judgement in prescribing controlled substances be consistent with current standard of care requirements so please act accordingly. CLICK HERE to read more.

Mobile Phone

We follow the press for new about FAFP members, updates on important issues in family medicine, practice and patients.  We are thrilled to spotlight family physicians, residents and students making the news!

Doctor Teaching on Seminar

A family physician's effectiveness is dependent upon sounds, up-to-date, CME.  That is why the FAFP requires all of its members to complete a minimum of 150 hours and 12 Florida Prescribed continuing education every three years.

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The FFM-PAC solicits voluntary contributions from family physicians and others who support Florida's family physicians to research, select and support the election of candidates who will legislatively advocate for the medical profession.