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 Loan Repayment Opportunities


FAFP Continues Efforts to Influence FL Loan Repayment Opportunities

Medical Loan Reimbursement Webinar Follow-up

The FAFP was pleased to present the January 5 FAFP Webinar with staff from the Florida Department of Health who addressed the Florida Reimbursement Assistance for Medical Education (FRAME) program.  Unfortunately due to state regulations, the FAFP is unable to rebroadcast the webinar in any way.  However, FAFP members unable to attend the webinar are strongly encouraged to review the tabs provided on the program's website that address important areas of interest including:  eligibility, how to apply, and FAQs.  For any questions or concerns not included or answered on the website, DoH staff encourages family physicians to reach out directly by emailing  


The application process will officially open on February 1 through March 31, but family physicians should start to familiarize themselves with the site in order to have ample time to apply during the sixty day process.  

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