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The FAFP now assists members in resolving insurance related issues through our new Hassle Factor For

The following Hassle Factor Form may be completed in order to report insurance administrative and claims processing concerns experienced in your practice. This information is confidential and assists the Florida Academy of Family Physicians (FAFP) in identifying common areas of concern and in facilitating a dialogue with payers. Please provide as much detailed information as possible, such as de-identified documents that support the grievance (e.g. no patient specific information).

By collecting data on issues Family Physicians have with third party payers, the FAFP will be better able to identify common areas of concern and facilitate dialogue with payers. Please complete one form per carrier issue.

>> Proceed to the FAFP Hassle Factor Form

Should you require additional assistance on a particular coding or health plan coverage issue, please contact Jennifer Young, Director of Membership and Practice Enhancement Services at

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