FAFP / Foundation Committees

2021 Committee Charges*


​FAFP members are encouraged to engage through participation on FAFP and FAFP Foundation Committees as well as represent the Florida Academy at meetings that require FAFP participation (e.g., AAFP and FMA meetings).  Click on the button below and complete the survey to indicate your interest in participating and getting more involved with YOUR Academy.  




CPD COMMITTEE – (Education) – Luckey Dunn, MD, Chair (FAFP Foundation)

Charge: Strategically plans and develops criteria and curriculum for the presentation of all continuing medical education (CME) programming offered through the FAFP and FAFP Foundation. The committee closely adheres to medical education requirements of the AAFP, ACCME, and American Board of Family Medicine. The committee addresses any issues related to CME grant funding and other educational programming support. 


Commitment:  Meets in person at CME weekend events, at planning conference in the summer/fall, and via conference calls as needed.



Charge: Responsible for developing and maintaining a program of activities that will keep the members and the outside public aware of the activities of FAFP.  These activities include editorial oversight of all FAFP publications, websites, and electronic communications.  The committee will create opportunities and innovations that drive, influence and improve FAFP membership recruitment, member engagement and overall communications goals while incorporating the use of social media and public relations strategies.  The committee will also oversee the Resident Scholar program. 


Commitment:  Meets via conference call 3 to 4 times per year as needed.


FINANCE COMMITTEE (FAFP Executive Committee) – George Bernardo, MD, Chair

Charge: Responsible for recommending an annual budget to the Board of Directors of the FAFP and assisting with the Board of Trustees of the FAFP Foundation budget. The committee provides financial oversight of both organizations, including standard fiscal operating procedures and investment strategies, and reviews proposals seeking product endorsement.


Commitment: Meets in the fall and via conference call as needed.


GOVERNMENT RELATIONS COMMITTEE (Advocacy) – Christy Cavanagh, MD, Chair

Charge: Responsible for evaluating the impact of proposed and passed legislation and regulations and to advise the Executive Committee and Board of Directors in developing policies and actions necessary to protect and advance the interests of family physicians and their patients.  Members of the Committee are expected to be actively involved with their local legislators in addition to attending meetings where legislative matters and policy are discussed. 


Commitment:  Meets in person at CME weekend events (conference line is available) and via conference call as needed.


MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE (Academy Strength) – Robert Campbell, MD, Chair

Charge: Tasked with developing and monitoring the recruitment and retention of family physicians for the Academy. Along with the FAFP Executive Committee, the committee shall also provide oversight with the development of membership monitoring activities including member demographics, membership data base, surveys, membership benefits, practice management programming, leadership mentoring, and other goals and objectives required to maintain a strong and vibrant Academy membership.


Further it shall be responsible for all aspects of the Family Medicine Interest Groups. It shall (1) monitor activities of and advise Departments of Family Medicine at Florida's medical schools, (2) work with Student Directors in planning activities for Family Medicine Student Organizations, (3) identify methods that will strengthen medical students' knowledge about the specialty of family medicine and (4) provide input to the Government Relations Committee on ways government can improve funding support for the training of more family physicians within the state of Florida. The other responsibilities include: (1) developing initiatives within the field of graduate medical education (2) assist, advise and address concerns of family medicine residents, (3) serve as official channel of communications with Florida Association of Family Medicine Residents and (4) shall keep informed about family physician manpower.


Commitment: Meets in person at CME weekend events.


NOMINATING COMMITTEE (Academy Strength) – Christie Alexander, MD, Chair

Charge: A Bylaws sanctioned committee of the Academy. It is responsible for vetting nominations of members to serve on the Board of Directors, Executive Officers, and Awards of Recognition for service.


Commitment: Meets in person at Summer CME meeting and via conference calls as needed.



Charge: Develops strategies and programming aimed at enhancing the practice of the specialty of family medicine. The committee reviews programs aimed at the interoperability and effectiveness of electronic health records, population health methodologies and other practice management improvements, improving the quality of care provided to the patients of Florida’s family physicians.


Commitment:  Meets via conference/in person 2 to 3 times per year as needed.


RESIDENCY DIRECTOR’S COUNCIL (Academy Strength) – Maribeth Williams, MD, Chair

Charge: Serves as the think tank for developing strategies to improve residency training of family physicians in the state of Florida. 


Commitment:  Meets in person at CME weekend events.


FM DEPARTMENT CHAIR’S COUNCIL (Academy Strength) – E. Robert Schwartz, MD

Charge: Serves as the think tank for developing strategies to best position the FAFP in the recruitment of medical students into family medicine and aligning them with Florida Family Medicine Residency training programs in hopes of keeping them in Florida.  This includes but is not limited to: Ensuring Florida Departments of Family Medicine teach medical students the importance of family medicine and primary care, whether they ultimately go into the specialty or not · Support the advancement of the academic foundation of family medicine (i.e. research)


Commitment:  Conference calls as deemed necessary by the committee chair.

If you are interested in serving on one of the committees listed above, please contact Jennifer Young at jyoung@fafp.org.


Participation of Events

AAFP Annual Chapter Leader Forum and National Conference of Constituency Leaders (ACLF/NCCL)
April 29-May 1, 2021, Virtual 

AAFP Family Medicine Advocacy Summit
Date TBD 

FMA Annual Meeting (22 Delegates needed)
July 30-Aug 1,2021, Orlando, FL, Hilton Bonnet Creek
AAFP Congress of Delegates
September 28-October 2, 2021, Anaheim, CA