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Membership Benefits


As a member of the FAFP, you will associate yourself with the only organization in Florida that solely represents the family physician and America’s largest specialty society. In conjunction with the AAFP, we will help you to empower your patients by providing them with information on prevention programs, offer you opportunities for peer support at our annual National Conference, provide a chance for you to help people at home and in other parts of the world through community service, and give you increased professional support and continuing education opportunities. The benefits of your FAFP membership are invaluable and will help you become the best family physician you can be.  To view FAFP's Member Value Statement, please click here.


Becoming a member of the FAFP signifies your decision to identify and associate with the most knowledgeable family physicians and America’s largest specialty society. We provide our members with numerous opportunities to learn and identify with others in their field, sharing experiences, opinions, and knowledge that will ultimately improve their practice and the care their patients receive. Not only will you have increased opportunities to learn and network with other physicians from across the state, you will also have access to numerous online resources and tools that will prepare you for the future of family medicine.  Below you will find just a few of the many benefits of being a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians and FAFP:

Advocacy & Representation

  • In recent surveys FAFP members overwhelmingly expressed that the most important role the FAFP and AAFP play is serving as their advocate before public policymakers, legislators, the media, allies and patient organizations. FAFP leaders and staff work diligently to promote the positive and essential role of family physicians in local communities and in Florida’s healthcare delivery system. Every family physician benefits from the Academy’s voice on the issues that matter most to family medicine. Every Floridian needs to know that having a family physician is vital to his or her health!

  • Get involved today, join an FAFP Committee:  Are you interested in joining an FAFP Committee? Click here to read the 2022 committee charges

Continuing Medical Education (CME) & Practice Management Resources

  • A high-quality CME program is one of the most important priorities of the FAFP. All FAFP members have access to meetings, courses, conferences, publications, and resources that provide you with the latest research and clinical training.

  • FAFP provides you with a wealth of resources designed especially for the family physician. Members can find information on how to recruit a new partner, reduce the risk of malpractice litigation, review a contract, or install and update your computer operations. The number of services available is endless and will ultimately improve practice efficiencies and patient care.


Communications & Connections

  • FAFP website ( is updated daily to keep members informed on FAFP and FAFP Foundation activities and areas of interest. Members will find contact and informational items, Capitol updates, latest Medicare/Medicaid news, publications, hot topics, and other pertinent data and links.

  • Weekly electronic news and updates along with items of special interest are transmitted to members who provide email addresses. All members receive a free subscription to the FAFP quarterly journal Florida Family Physician.

  • Online registration is available for Family Medicine Weekends and other CME activities.

  • New cyber communication and social media content is being developed to keep members connected with the Academy and with each other.

Liaisons & Collaborations

  • The FAFP works to strengthen the bond between medical associations while promoting physician/student education and professional development. The FAFP collaborates with the following associations:  Florida Medical Association (FMA) and Florida Academy of Physician Assistants (FAPA).

  • Among our collaborations, the FAPA has provided a PA Preceptor Program where you can submit your information to your choice of PA programs. As a preceptor, you have the chance to tremendously influence a PA student’s life. Preceptors are able to screen future potential employees, keep up to date on the latest technology and research, and ensure the next generation of medical providers is well educated.

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